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Operations Team

The purpose of our Operations Team is to monitor and supervise all processes and procedures of NCCI Charlotte in order to ensure an orderly, spiritual and safe environment for all congregants and visitors. Our operations team also serves as a global point of contact for communication, please reach out to them for questions or comments, they would enjoy hearing from you. With that said, please take a moment to read the profiles, by clicking on the names of each of our department heads to become familiar with them.

Arieyah: Morei (Teacher) and Overseer

Shalom, My name is Arieyah Ben Naseek and I am the Morei and Overseer of New Covenant Congregation of Yisrael Tabernacle Elohim. I am so happy to be in a position to write this introduction to you to express my gratitude for your interest, support and encouragement in our global Theocratic directives. Our goal has been to create a fellowship locally and remote designed to emulate the righteousness of YAH as affirmed by the law, prophets and disciples of the covenant.

My responsibilities include but are not limited to the stability and continued growth of the congregants of Tabernacle Elohim. My professional occupation has been centered in business operations and new business development and I am happy to say that the skills and talents that YAH has blessed me with has afforded me the opportunity to spear head the development of a Tabernacle that is spiritually robust and has had a positive impact on the lives of many people throughout the world. I am here to serve YAH in the manner he deems appropriate. If there is anything that I can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask. May the blessings of YAH be upon you and your house today and forever more. Shalom!

I can be reached via email at arieyah@nccicharlotte.com

Kaliyah: Mishkan (Tabernacle) Administrator

Shalom, my name is Kaliyah Baht Yisrael and I am the Tabernacle administrator. I am honored as well as humbled to serve Yah in this capacity because I can think of no other way besides being obedient to Yah’s commandments to express my gratitude and appreciation for all that Yah has done for me since my birth. Professionally, I am a Network and Technology Technician and I use these skill sets to improve the health and viability of Tabernacle Elohim. I have been in the service of Yah for 14 years and have learned virtue, humility and sanctification according to the precepts of Sinai and witnessed a tremendous growth in my life as Yah has promised those who are obedient unto him.

I am here to serve Yah and this Tabernacle in any way that I can in order to increase the depth of this Theocratic directive that Tabernacle Elohim operates under. Time is short and Yah’s redemption draws near for his servants. Let us all be mindful of who we are, what we are and where we are and pray that Yah accepts our plight and pursuit of righteousness as a sincere and honest work towards salvation.

I can be reached via email at kaliyah@nccicharlotte.com

Elder Yekuthiel: Shamasheem (Deacons) Coordinator

Shalom, my name is Yekuthiel. I am the Shamasheem coordinator (Deacon) and there is so much for me to say but I’ll be brief. My job within Tabernacle Elohim is to make sure that the Tabernacle is operating properly in all aspects; structural maintenance, convocational order, fund raising initiatives and community retention. My professional carrier lies within industrial engineering and the skills that I have been granted has allowed me the opportunity to assist in the development of Tabernacle Elohim, locally and abroad. This journey is beautiful. I have a Theocratic family that is purely Sinaitic a Tabernacle that I have seen mature from infancy and all the pains that come with growth, and a sincere body of believers that wants to be held accountable to a divine standard. I am here to serve Yah’s people in any way that I can. Should you ever need me for anything please do not hesitate to contact me I am here as a brother and a friend. May Yah bless you.

I can be reached via email at yekuthiel_ncci@nccicharlotte.com

Amaziyah: Lead DOV (Daughter of Virtue) Coordinator


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