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Sinaitic Apologetics School Application

Shalom all, 

NCCI Universum would like to extend an open invitation to all who desire an opportunity to learn Biblical Theology on a scholarly level. Once you have submitted your application, you will be notified of your acceptance into NCCI’s Sinaitic Apologetic’s school and informed of the start date for orientation. 

Many seminary students expect to be taught the Bible in a holistic fashion, but they are disappointed when they discover that this is not the school’s objective. Seminary and universities teach how one should think critically about biblical topics, thereby leaving the formulation of doctrine up to the student. This is why Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalians, Non-Denominational, etc. can attend seminary, and comfortably return to their churches and teach doctrines that are averse to other doctrines within the Christian faith.  

NCCI Universum’s Sinaitic Apologetics School is designed to teach doctrine on an advanced level, to a novice, at a comfortable pace. The academic format will be similar to that which is facilitated in seminaries or universities. This means that ordinarily where theological treatises are designed for advanced theologians or theology students, our curriculum takes this data and makes it translatable to our students with mild challenges. Our school focuses upon nearly all aspects of: 

  • Theology as it relates to the God of the Bible; 
  • Christology as it relates to the Christ of the Bible;
  • Science and the Bible; 
  • History and the Bible;
  • Philosophy and the Bible;
  • Religion and the Bible;
  • Judaism and the Bible;
  • Biblical Culture (Hebraic Culture and Chrisitan Culture);
  • Lexicology;
  • Hermeneutics;
  • Bibliology;
  • Apologetics and;
  • much more.

Our objective is to equip students with the information they need to effectively and successfully argue theological points from a scholarly perspective, void of supernatural or spiritual revelations that cannot be measured and private interpretations that are biblically indefensible.  

Our school is led by those who are degreed in Biblical Theology and have taught this discipline professionally. This school is designed for the biblical enthusiast, theologian, evangelist, scholar, teacher, minister, and apologist. Please email your application to NCCI_apologetics@nccicharlotte.com

*There is a $15.00 admission enrollment reservation fee (application fee). For additional information, please click here.

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