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What is Sinaitic Apologetics School (SAPS)?

Sinaitic Apologetics School (SAPS) is an advanced theological curriculum facilitated over the course of 12 semesters. The curriculum consists of 12 levels, with 12 lessons per level, introducing the student to a myriad of theological topics. Each level (semester) is $185.00 per person, not household. Other courses in theology, which do not compare to the SAPS curriculum, will range from $750 – $1,185 a semester (minimum). So, the objective for SAPS is not revenue-based, but to cover expenses and to make it affordable for students who require an objective understanding of Biblical Theology on a graduate level.  

SAPS lessons will be downloaded from our website each week and studied by each student. The student will take an exam and write an essay, which will be discussed via conference call in their class session. There are multiple class sessions throughout the week, but students will only take one class per week. 

The facilitator will cover the highlights of the lesson, emphasizing the most pertinent parts of the thesis, review the exam, and listen to students essays for content and comprehension. There will be time allotted for open floor discussion to address anything pertinent to the week’s lesson. Classes will be from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Days TBD.

After class, the facilitator will give the access key for the next lesson;  this process will repeat until the end of school. Graduates of the Sinaitic Apologetics School will receive a certificate and have the option to purchase a school ring (men) or school bracelet (women). 

Welcome to SAPS! 

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