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Mikvah Process

Shalom Friend and welcome to the New Covenant Congregation of Yisrael’s Mikvah evaluation process.

In the old days prior to the birth of Yahshua, Yisraelites, and servants of Yah engaged in a cleansing ritual designed to purge uncleanness and to regenerate ones disposition from an unrighteous state of being to a righteous state of being. This process was created by Yah and given to us so that we may stand before him in pureness of mind and pureness of heart. This process is called Mikvah which means collection of water.

The Mikvah was and still is a ceremony ordained by Yah that allows an individual to wash away past sins, receive an adoption within the divine order, procure a priest and intercessor for future shortfalls and secure their rights as a candidate to eternal life.

NCCI is a Sinaitic assembly designed and developed to first teach Yah’s word to those who desire truth and transformation by truth and an assembly that holds everyone accountable to the tenets of righteousness. It is our objective to assist you in understanding Yah’s will and to encourage you and support you when things are difficult.  The Mikvah process is Tabernacle Elohim’s way of assisting you in making the right decision regarding your Mikvah and your covenant relationship with Yah (Baptism).

We have only one baptism which is designed to purge sin and grant unto us forgiveness of our transgressions. After Mikvah their remains no more absolution (forgiveness of sin) but a fearful expectation of judgment which shall destroy those who sin in defiance of Yah’s commandments. NCCI wants to ensure that candidates truly understand what is expected of them as pre Mikvah candidates and what is required of them as they become servants of Yah through this spiritual gateway called Mikvah.

With the aforementioned stated NCCI has created a Mikvah process which consists of questions and a Mikvah interview that will solidify the candidate’s intentions. All questions must be answered with explanation and scriptural citation to remove subjectivity and relativism from all responses. We hope that you receive this process in love and goodwill and we also hope that you find it a blessing.

Thank you,

Arieyah Ben Naseek

Congregational Overseer

Please click here to access NCCI’s Mikvah Questions